• Lin's Purion Series / Montages

    Purion's Unique Qualities Earthy and Natural Transformations

    Similar to Mai-fan stone and activated charcoal,
    Purion softens the taste of water.

    See for yourself this amazing effect when brewing tea, drinking water, serving wine, or making coffee.

    And our Purion tea caddies are the ultimate storage for all your aged pu-er and oolongs, whether aged or traditionally charcoal fired.

    Lin's Purion Series / Montages




    Heavily fired and fully fermented teas 


    Traditional Tie Guan Yin, black teas such as

    Keemun, Yunnan, and Lapsang Souchong, dark

    roasted teas(Da Hong Pao), aged and

    heavily fired oolongs (lao cha);

    and Yunnan's famous Pu-erh.

    Rich and mellow, these teas are best brewed in

    porous teapots with low heat conductivity.

    Purion Series Tea Sets are low in heat conductivity and brew a

    mellow and rich-tasting tea. 





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